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No one left behind

Sandy Sutton Yes, we made it safely, and yes, the trip was absolutely an amazing success! Lisa and Lonny are wired to do this. Yes, Lisa has a big job reeling Uncle Lonny in. I must admit, those two do make magical things happen. No one left behind! If a client/patient comes in and a standard chair doesn’t fit the need, a chair will be created!! This chair was created for a young man, maybe 20 who could not bend. Lonny and another team member tore apart a standard chair, got parts from some other chairs, and here you have it. The patient’s family was concerned about the boy not being able to sit up, yep, Lonny, Ryan Searcy, an amazingly creative young man rebuilt a chair to satisfy the parents. If you have been on a trip, you know how committed every single team member is to meet the needs of the patients’. This was an extreme case. Most are pretty simple to fit in a chair.



Thanks to Lisa Davis for these pictures!

Thanks to Lisa Davis for her post on Facebook.

Go the extra mile

Here we have a sweet older man whose name was Pedro who is a “crawler.” I hate that term but that’s just being real. Pedro lives by himself and is really independent, because he has to be. We tried to really go the extra mile for him. He explained that the road his house is on is very rocky and has big pot holes in it. So he got better tires in the front than the usual small wheels. So sweet and no complaints and was so grateful for the chair.



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Thanks to Don Murphy for the pictures.


Thanks to Lisa Davis for the pictures.


Thanks to Lisa Davis for the pictures.

Nadine Warehouse

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